Specialist in: Tube Sheet Drilling, Reaming & Groving, Tube Expanding, Retubing Job & Fabrication
Profile - 'The edifice of transcendence'
Having earned the recognition as a technology-driven engineering organisation, B.S Saini Group of Companies (BSG) has emerged as one of the largest companies in India's Tube Sheet machining and drilling sector.

As an organisation, BSG has carousal of functionalities and additional interests in manufacturing, retubing jobs, tube expansion and Fabrication.

BSG is one of the leading players in the field oftubesheet drilling and is specialized in 'TUBE SHEET DRILLING' and Header drilling for Boilers, Coolers, Condensers, Heat Exchangers, and Heaters manufactured under stage-wise inspection of various Government and Non Government inspection agencies as per the 'TEMA' [Tubular Exchange Manufacturing Association] and 'ASME' [American Standards of Mechanical Engineering] standard codes.

As an I B R approved organisation, BSG has gained the distinction of being a professional entity apparently operating at high end of the technological spectrum - Drilling of larger size tube-sheets on CNC Delta Drilling machine and drilling of boiler drums on multiple machines, thus effectively reducing the production time, BSG has been honoured with National Awards from the Ministry of India.

A strong customer focused approach and a constant quest for top-class quality have enabled the company to attain and sustain leadership in its major lines of business across three decades.

We have been working with reputed consultants & inspection agencies such as E.I.L, L.R.I.S, B.V.I.S, UDHE, DNV, LLOYD, TPI, BAX COUNCEL, IBR and TOYO etc.

BSG is revolutionising high tech machinery in bringing cutting edge technologies into your everyday business requirements.

In the frenzied scenario when business success depends - more than ever - on finding and retaining first class partners, BSG offers a range of targeted professional services.